The La Fuga farmhouse began as a stopping point for horses and riders. It later became a farmhouse in which one can eat and relax after a hike.
There are numerous hikes at different levels. Some are very simple where children can easily participate while others are more challenging.
One of the most interesting paths is that of the bad lands having many corners of landscape and environmental beauties. These geological formations are characterised by summits and small valleys carved over time as well as by rainwater where mostly barren steep slopes create a “lunar” environment of surreal charm and beauty. But even crowded chestnut trees, typical rural villages, orchards filled with whole and healthy products as well as open spaces between the edges offer broad views between the regions of Lombardy and Piedmont.
We often spot buzzards, which are beautiful daytime birds of prey while they hover in the sky above. Among local wildlife there are also badgers, deer, boars and squirrels.
You will be surprised at what nature has to offer by paying attention to what you see around you.
The La Fuga farmhouse relies on expert guides that will be able to bring you in the most beautiful places of Oltrepò. These services are on request and a minimal number of participants are required.







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